Crazy lady for a client!

So, a few weeks ago this lady called me to come out to her house and get her back up because she was having a serious emergency. Not even her phones were working. So, I went out at my next available moment (actually making a moment for her) only to find out that she had unplugged everything and didn't know how to put it back together. Not only did she not know how to put it together, but she didn't even know what all she had unplugged. Not only this but the biggest part of her emergency was that she wanted help moving a new desk. Ok.... you not leaving a map for yourself != emergency.
So, this weekend I learned that comparatively that is a HUGE emergency! So, on Valentine's day, Kara and I are on our V-Day lunch before a movie. I get a call to her freaking out that she can't get on the internet and can't do anything she needs to do and has hours of stuff to get done that day. She wants me to come right over and I tell her no! She asks what is the possible soonest for me to be there, so I tell her the next day (Sun) at 10am. She finally agrees once she realizes I'm not going to budge on this. So, I get there and what's her HUGE LIFE SHATTERING EMERGENCY??!? She can't get to eharmony using Safari web browser. Yeah. That's what "Can't do anything at all!" equals. She can't get to eharmony to sign up. She actually called me on Valentine's Day cause she couldn't get to 1 website. She has IE right there, so I showed her using that worked. Then she was mad because she had never had to use it before. So, I tried to explain standards and how not everything complies. IE is much friendlier to errors... blah blah blah. She doesn't get it, but I let her know that if something doesn't work in Safari, she can use IE.
This is evidently FAR too confusing for her. Because I had contact with her this morning and she wants me to come back out because she again "can't even use her computer." Because IE doesn't have Flash installed. And, evidently going back and forth between the 2 is far too confusing.
This is a lady who has me sit there while she checks her email in case she has any questions. Most people would be happy to get paid 50 an hr to sit there, but I seriously hate stupid people. I can't help it. I can not stand this lady. She's stupid, selfish, self absorbed, and inconsiderate. I hate her.
I'm debating cutting her loose. But, I keep hoping that keeping her will drum up more business.

Adorable is...

Kara watching the Superbowl! OMG! Among other things, what I learned from it is that the opposing team are "the bad guys."
Also, day after Superbowl = easy traffic :D